Fresh Organic Milk Straight From The Farm

Proxifrigo - Your 2.0 Milkman


The Good Old Product & The New Milkman

Laiterie Lampron gets exclusively its organic milk from La Ferme Y. Lampron et Fils Inc. which is a 7 generation biological dairy farm. It is located in Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan in La Mauricie and count over 200 cows. It has been producing a high quality milk since 1858 in the same old fashion. In 2017, it has been awarded 2 distinctions for their exceptional milk quality. Strong from this recognition, Laiterie Lampron now wants to bring its organic milk, its cow, its people straight to you. To be able to achieve this, it brings back the milkman concept at a 2.0 flavor. It sells it's milk through an online platform and vending machines located near you. Of course, our milk is also available in several stores. 


The Milk Inside


The milk available at the MilkMachine and in stores is sold in a glass bottle to keep its taste and its freshness. The bottle are consigned and returnable.


It Works


The MilkApp

With the MilkApp, you'll be able to created yourself an account, purchase either milk bottles or milk memberships , find machine locations & connect with La Ferme Y. Lampron & Fils. You will know where your product is from, when it has been produced, who produced it & how it has been produced. 

The MilkMachine

At the MilkMachine, you will be able to scan your MilkApp, redeem your bottle & bring back your consigned bottle.

Laiterie Lampron Inc. 

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Ce projet est financé par l'entremise du Programme d'accès aux marchés , en vertu du partenariat canadien pour l'agriculture, entente conclue entre le gouvernement du Canada et du Québec. 

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