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Our Philosophy

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A Story of Lampron

The Lampron family has been cultivating the land in St-Boniface and producing milk for 7 generations.

More than 100 years ago, the family were distributing their milk in the Shawinigan Region. They were the milkman. Today, the family has decided to renew with distribution. Our logo is inspired by what used to be the brand of the farm. 

The mission of Ferme Y. Lampron et Fils is to produce milk of excellent quality. The company is constantly evolving to improve the well-being of all the animals that live there and all those who work there. Harmony reigns at Ferme Y. Lampron and respect is evident throughout the company.


 Respect for nature has always been at the root of all decisions, it is notably through organic farming that we protect the environment. Innovation is a stimulant to modify or improve the practice of agricultural activities. The Lampron family respects the agricultural tradition with an openness to technological changes.

The integrity and the love of the job of the people who work there make that the team of the Ferme Y. Lampron ready to put all the necessary efforts to offer you an exceptional product!


Our farm strives to develop methods of sustainable development for our crops, animals and families.


We know that we have to excel in many aspects of our work to be able to offer you the best milk quality on the market.


Our farm has been a cradle of innovation for nearly 160 years. Now more than ever, we are convinced that technology can help us bring our farm to new standards.

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